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Apr 14

Getting to know….Isola Jones

Getting to know…Isola Jones Journey to the MET Written by:  Linda A. Jaussi Many great artists and musicians have lived on this earth since time has been measured.  Each brings their own unique beautiful talent to brighten and uplift our lives.  In my conversations with them, they all have faced some difficulty or have come …

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Feb 28

PerformBefore Dorothy, Wicked Returns

PerformBefore Dorothy, Wicked Returns. Written by:  Linda A. Jaussi. The Broadway musical WICKED celebrates its seventh anniversary this March.  I met with Steve Quinn, the company manager at The Gammage Auditorium in Tempe, Arizona, as props and scenery from the road tour were unloaded.  He pointed to a large circular contraption on the stage as …

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Feb 22

The Arizona Music Show

The Arizona Music Show is a new reality program that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a small musical instrument repair/retail shop located in Arizona-USA. One of the focuses of the program is to cover the daily operations of 2 stores owned by Russell Steele.  While each store AZ MUSIC (Phoenix, AZ), and AZ …

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Jul 03

Put Your “Jack” Hancock There

Written by:  Linda A. Jaussi.   The Patriotic Hancock lineage has defended The United States of America from its earliest days.  Bostonian, John Hancock, was President of the Continental Congress when he signed The Declaration of Independence.  William Hancock died when Loyalist soldiers opened fire on his home in Alloways Creek, NJ.  Jack Hancock is …

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May 27

The Book of Mormon in review

TONY JUDGE, COLLEEN JENNINGS-ROGGENSACK. Written by:  Linda A. Jaussi. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think, great American Theater?  Most likely, Broadway flashed before you in big lighted marquees.  When you ponder the musical stage’s greatest contributors, you may point to Hal Prince, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Kristen Chenoweth.  …

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Feb 09

Behind The Mask with Douglas Tait

Douglas Tait is a professional actor from The San Fernando Valley, who has appeared on your big screen many times throughout his busy career, and has done so as an actor from  “Behind The Mask”.  Join us for an interview with Douglas to learn what it takes to play so many roles. (I.M)  Douglas, you have …

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Sep 15

Educating Autism The Reality Show

Educating Autism is a reality based program that focuses on the day to day functions and challenges of the internal staff at a private school in the state of Arizona.  Join us for an interview with program creator Jerry Barrett. (I.M)  Jerry, where did you come up with the concept of Educating Autism? (J.B)  It’s …

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Sep 08

The Boy Within

The Boy Within is a short film created as part of the 2010 San Diego 48 hour Film Fest.  Based on the 1920’s circa era this short was filmed, edited, and produced by a small team of individuals with completion literally minutes away from show time.  Join us for a Q&A with John Seaman the …

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Sep 07

The Silent Lives of High Chairs

The Silent Lives of High Chairs By Rosemarie Dombrowski Ph.D.   After the painting High Chairs by Philip C. Curtis. The landscape is barren, flat, sandier than the lower Sonoran.  The expansive, blue sky is dappled with cirrus clouds.  The date is 1976, the story unfinished. Perhaps the desert is a perpetually unfinished story, a …

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Aug 16

Catalina Magic

Catalina Magic is a closeup magic show that blends well in any event or occasion.  Magician artist Chris Magic is a nonstop crowd pleasing professional who operates differently than most by engaging his audience with the in’s and out’s of his performance.  Join us for a Q&A with Chris to learn more about his work. (I.M) Chris …

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