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Mar 19

Bleed Through You

Title:  Bleed Through You. Author:  Jerry Barrett. © 2005:  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The situation is laid out on the paper it flies out of my hand like a military man-going into war, but It’s laid out all over the floor The situation is laid out on the paper It flies out of my hand like …

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Feb 04

Poet: Behind The Album

The Story Behind the Album, ‘Poet’  By Tiffany Apan. Ghost (excerpt) A ghost in the hallway A spirit in a void Wandering aimlessly, lost in a purgatory They detect a presence, but never look my way Between the present and the future Lost, Wandering, Faceless… Porcelain Doll (excerpt) Her scattered pieces shatter the floor They …

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Jan 18

Nowhere Roads

Nowhere Roads.  Written by Lori M. Presley © 2006/2010 Lori Neuro Music. Headed down this Road to nowhere Where its headed you know, I just don’t care Headed down this road to nowhere Come with me and you’ll see A masquerade defined A waxing, waning prophesy of lies With luck, I’ll find I’m angry enough to …

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Sep 20

Three eyes, in the City.

Three eyes, in the City written by Carla Elissa D. Confusion, Consumed by these emotions At a loss of what to feel An unexplainable devotion In this search for something real Growing weaker and weary Of the damage met along But i walk the chosen path The more that things go wrong The temptation comes …

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Sep 02

From the song “Dream Makers:”

written by Peggy Finston. The dreams we fashion, can feed our passions, We struggle to make them so. The ones most cherished, can make us perish, We struggle to let them go. The Southwest skies, with the sweep of infinite horizons, are like soul-ceilings.  When I look up, they seem to say “anything is possible.”   …

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Aug 03


Submitted by Roxanne Alvarado We go far beyond flesh and bone, we aren’t only human.  We can help what we do and say to others, we are not possessed; we just act stupid on our own. We can make a difference; we can change on our own.  We can save the world if we try.  …

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Jun 01

Up to You

Submitted by Isabelle: Writer/Lyricist I think it’s safe to say that my life changed tremendously in the past 1 ½ years since I wrote this song. It is an interesting world we’re living in and I have many times observed that we’re out of tune with what I believe life is about. We seem to …

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May 01

It’s Warmer Here

Corinna Cott from ‘Cousin Kate’ It’s Warmer Here by Cousin Kate It can be cold sometimes So much colder than you’ve planned it But the fire is still throwing sparks When occasionally it’s enough To let go somehow And for a moment you can feel it But eventually you fear again Through the torment of …

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Apr 01

While the Sun Burns My Face

by Evita Carrasco. The laughter rings from down the hall. I can hear you bang the wall. That’s when I know there was no mistake… But all the smiles in the world don’t always take All the sorrows I feel today. I hope this pain will erase… I’ll be thinking about it while the sun …

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Mar 02

Im Alive

I have often wondered where the ideas or triggering inspirations come from that have inspired lyricists that I personally like. A song in general has multiple key elements that define any sense of radiation, taking in to account each instrument, a guitar riff, bass line or even percussion. One element I want to focus on …

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