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Feb 22

The Arizona Music Show

The Arizona Music Show is a new reality program that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a small musical instrument repair/retail shop located in Arizona-USA. One of the focuses of the program is to cover the daily operations of 2 stores owned by Russell Steele.  While each store AZ MUSIC (Phoenix, AZ), and AZ …

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Mar 22

Under The Ice: The Album

Barbara Rubin is celebrating the release of her first solo CD titled “Under The Ice”.  With a diverse background in multi-genre music, Under The Ice has allowed Barbera to explore her own boundaries of sound, and creativity.  Join us now for an exclusive interview. (I.M) Barbara, on your album “Under The Ice” you play the …

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Jan 23

Interviewing A Legend

Dick Wagner has a celebrated history as a guitar player and songwriter that has earned him 14 Platinum Records, 16 Gold Records, 5 Silver Records and numerose BMI Songwriter Awards.  Join us for this one on one interview here on Inkless Magazine. (I.M) From a young age you had a desire to play music, can …

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Dec 24

Mursel Isik: The Interview

Mursel Isik is a recording artist from Istanbul, Turkey who puts his musical talents to work to support the inspiring poetry from his side of the world.  We are fortunate to bring you a one on one interview with this recording artists, here on Inkless Magazine. (I.M) As a musician, How does your culture coincide …

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Nov 10

Flyleaf: Did you know?

Join us for an interview with major label recording artists Flyleaf. Lacey Mosley:  Vocals (I.M)  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? (L.M) The first thing I ever wanted to be was a ballerina because my Mom loved ballerinas. Later, I wanted to be a nurse for babies …

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Oct 05

Catya Maré The Solo Violinist.

Catya Maré is a well known violinist who’s talent goes back to childhood.  In this Inkless Magazine exclusive we welcome our readers to learn more about Catya’s musical works and the future of her music. (I.M)  How did A.O Zakhar Bron influence your studies in your early years? (C.M)  I got priceless advice from him …

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Sep 19

ShirayasDream: The Interview

ShirayasDream is formed by the combined talents of  Anna Aliena (vocals, lyrics, melodies) and Oliver Höhne,  (virtual instruments and music production).  Join us for this exclusive interview here on Inkless (I.M) Anna, how did you and Oliver meet? (Anna) We first met in the virtual world of MySpace. At that time I was still …

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Apr 01

ScareCrown, Letters From The Darkness.

Melodic, chaotic, and loaded with vision, ScareCrown has definitely got their own style.  I received a copy of their newest CD “Letters From The Darkness” awhile ago and, I have to admit, it is a great CD. Looking at tracks such as “Double Blade Kiss”- it’s a little like Korn meets Evanescence if you can …

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