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Catya Maré The Solo Violinist.

Catya Maré is a well known violinist who’s talent goes back to childhood.  In this Inkless Magazine exclusive we welcome our readers to learn more about Catya’s musical works and the future of her music.

(I.M)  How did A.O Zakhar Bron influence your studies in your early years?

(C.M)  I got priceless advice from him regarding the technical aspect of violin playing.  And his dedication to every single of his students was just wonderful!

(I.M)  At the young age of ten you performed as a soloist with an orchestra, did you set any future goals from that point in life and if so, have you met those goals in your current career?

(C.M)  I always wanted to be a solo violinist….coming from a family consisting of classical musicians, my goal was a career in classical music as I didn´t know anything about otherCatya by M Roud 2, small, for squeezey websites styles / genres back then.  I didn´t even dream of things like the recent nominations / awards etc. could happen to me…

(I.M)  You have performed as a Classical Violinist in several countries, how was your performances received from countries such as Israel, The USA, Italy and Scandinavia?

(C.M)  Very well! People always appreciated my ability to make music “speak” and touch their emotions.

(I.M)  Did you adapt well to the diverse cultures of these countries throughout your tours?

(C.M)  I love experiencing new cultures and life styles for sure!  Three years ago I was booked for a music video production in Cairo, Egypt, and was asked to color my violin silver to do a video shoot in front of the pyramids at night…

(I.M)  At what age did you receive you Masters Degree at the Music Conservatory in Munich, Germany?

(C.M)  I was 23 years old.

(I.M)  In your experimentations you created a unique sound you call Essential Impro, has this become a new standard for your current works?

(C.M)  Well, actually I never experimented….I just got really sick (a flu-like illness, that lasted for about two weeks) and when starting to play the violin again I found myself playing something I never had heard or seen before.  Melodies were just flowing out of me….a gorgeous feeling! And I wouldn´t stop for hours!

I started doing shows in museums of art (s.a. National Gallery Berlin, Germany) and even performed at discos at night after playing a Beethoven symphony with my orchestra back then (Aarhus Symfoniorkester, Denmark).

I felt there was something more to my life than playing in the orchestra…  After about a year of doing those solo shows all over Europe I quit the orchestra job and started composing songs combining classical music with all kinds of new age / ambient / world music elements.

(I.M)  In 2006 you shifted into Electronica, ambient and Classical through a venture with Jakob Gadegaard Frandsen (engineer), and Henrik Koitzsch (guitar) and found a large reaction from radio and t.v films from Hollywood.  Were any of your recordings written specifically for t.v or movie soundtracks?

Catya by Michael Roud 16, small, cropped(C.M)  Initially Henrik Koitzsch contacted me to do a commercial with him, and from then we just kept collaborating on my new songs…I didn´t know anything about the technical part of music production, just had so many ideas in my head.  As he used to work together with Jakob Gadegaard we had a lot of fun producing songs together all three of us.

They helped me manifest my musical ideas….So I am extremely grateful for their help.  I think it started via “myspace” the website.  Radio station owners, TV producers, film makers showed interest in my compositions and the fan base kept growing all over the world.

(I.M)  With the many awards and nominations you have received, which one was the most surprising to you?

(C.M)  All of them! It´s just fabulous. Two nominations and the Billboard World Song Contest award in less than a year. I Am still speechless!

(I.M)  Recently you were nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA)  How did you feel when you found out that this event is scheduled  to be televised in 18 countries that will reach 120,000,000 viewers on November 19th 2009?

(C.M)  It will be wonderful for the marketing of my new album “Destination Love”.  I am Looking forward to the ceremony!

(I.M)  How did your music make it to be featured on the film short “Homecoming”?

(C.M)  The director of “Homecoming” William Balch, asked me if he could include “Ethereal Loneliness”, one of my songs, into his movie. It will create good exposure as “Homecoming” will be shown at all the major film festivals.

(I.M)  Are any of your recordings composed around stories or events that have taken place in your life?

(C.M)  Yes, some of my songs are created directly in relation to events in my life, but the major part is just life itself.  I´m constantly composing / producing new songs. It´s pretty addictive…

(I.M)  At what age exactly did you start playing the violin and who influenced your interest?

(C.M)  I started at age four.  Everybody in my family played some instrument, so I just wanted to do what they did…

(I.M)  In your bio it states that you compose songs in a way where your violin has been described as a primary voice, are any of these works derived from written lyrics translated through violin?

(C.M)  Actually no.  They are songs without words.  To me the emotional aspect of music is the critical part of it.  I like to make my violin sound more like a female voice instead ofCatya_sep_1 producing that typical violin sound.  To touch peoples´ souls…

(I.M)  Did you experience any culture shock when you moved from Denmark to Los Angeles?

(C.M)  Oh I just love it here in L.A.!  Actually I always knew I´d end up in California.  It is definitely different from Denmark, but to me in an uplifting and wonderful way.  All those opportunities…I got into acting / modeling / film track composition….all the nationalities living together…the dream-like climate…

(I.M)  Are you working on any new releases at this point?

(C.M)  Yes I do! My next album “Destination Love” will be released worldwide in February 2010.  Feel free to visit  www.myspace.com/catyamar or  www.catyamare.com to enjoy samples of “Destination Love”. You can also purchase my two previous albums “LIGHT LONGING” and “Remembering The Day” on the above websites.

(I.M)  Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

(C.M)  Keep going!! When you do, nobody can stop you.

Thank you.

Catya Maré


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