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Remembering to Live

I have often questioned the human spirits ability to overcome obstacles or,  tragedies that were faced through out time.  History holds thousands of examples of individuals who, have had to outlast the ways of the wicked.  The memories of a single or united decision will always have it’s aftermath, every action makes a mark in time and in memory.

Stephen Nasser Author, My Brothers VoiceI have given great consideration to Stephen Nasser aka “Pista” who has lived with the consequences of an event that took place not so long ago.  I was fortunate to be able to attend one of his many presentations which, would be my first for the topic of the holocaust but, it may very well be the one I needed to attend.  I quickly took notice of the key information Mr. Nasser conveyed in his speech concerning his book, My Brothers Voice.

What could rightfully be treated as a deep look into a dark moment in time has really become a seminar on the need to remember what you are living for.  Mr. Nasser has made it painfully obvious that forgetting the past can not be done but, he has found a way to pull through the hurt of scars, that may never heal.

In his presentation Mr. Nasser talked openly about the death of his family, he mentioned that 20 family members went into the Auschwitz concentration camp and that only he made it out.  In his book My Brothers Voice, Mr. Nasser will give you a deeper reflection of his struggles as a 13 year old boy who endured the pain of seeing his family members executed and, how he has survived the death of millions of others.

Purchase My Brothers Voice through Barnes and Noble.Mr. Nasser has made it a point to remind the young as well as the old that family is all you really have in life, this is a topic that never lacks in need of example and Stephen Nasser has made it the forefront of his remaining life.  To view a video of Mr. Nasser’s Presentation along with commentary please CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

To know more about Stephen Nasser’s book My Brothers Voice visit this link www.mybrothersvoice.com .  My Brothers Voice The Teachers Guide is also made available to the public free of charge by clicking here


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  1. M. Anthony

    Interesting video, I will look for Mr Nassers book My Brothers Voice.

  2. Hahn

    I really think his closing statement in the video was perfect, “Life is beautiful if you know how to live it”. This means a lot when said by someone with a past like Mr. Nassers.

  3. Allen

    I saw a presentation from Mr. Nasser in Vegas this year. He gives a powerful speech!

  4. Gigant

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  16. Phillis

    Good Luck with your path Stephen…

  17. Charlotte Miller

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  18. lenny

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  19. Philip Tabatabai

    thats one of the best articles i have read recently on this history subject, thank you

  20. Lindey Allen

    interesting perspectives on video, great job mr nasser

  21. Marcellus Bautiste

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  36. kerstin kerina

    heyy you came to our school Faiss MS on May 10,2010 and you really inspired me to go search all the movies and documentaries on the Holocaust, Auschwitz, and Hitler and i think i actually understand the meaning of hatered and the abusement of Jewish people. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you’ve really done to change kids/ teenage live at Faiss.

  37. amanda

    thank you for coming to my school and inspiring all of us to not hate but appresheate the life we have and not go back to the 1930-1945 and that becomes history. we loved you coming to our school and it taught us a valuable lesson never again 11 million. we think of jewish people regular as to us and we just hope you can come back next year and the years to come. we thank you for all you’ve done to us and keep smiling and never forget to be perpared for the life given.
    – amanda ps(have a good summer)

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