Apr 01

The 2009 Sedona Film Festival

Lights,Camera,Action.  The Sedona Film Festival is northern Arizona’s finest environment to see what is new in the independent film industry.  From documentaries to full length action packed films and, debuting this year is a scifi  film titled Shadowland.  Inkless Magazine was happy to spend time at the 16th annual 2009 event held at the Harkins Theatre in Sedona,Arizona.

Below watch an interview with Tess Griffin, and Patrick Schweiss Director of The Sedona International Film Festival.  Topics include the early years of what has become a favorite event for many, and goes on to cover more planned events for the 2009/2010 festival events. A Very Special Thanks goes out to Steve Carr of The Kur Carr Group inc, for making this interview possible.  Thanks is also given to Wyat Weed and Gayle Gallagher of Pirate Pictures for sharing footage of their feature film Shadow Land.

If you would like to attend the next planned event with The Sedona International Film Festival, or would like to submit your work(s) for considerations please do so by following this link.  www.sedonafilmfestival.com


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    […] is underway in the murder of 30 year-old Rasheen Alonzo Penn of 207 Janice Drive in Bas…The 2009 Sedona Film FestivalEverything Art, Always Entertainment ® … Thanks is also given to Wyat Weed and Gayle Gallagher […]

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