Aug 02

In Gallery features artist Pam Hamilton

About artist Pamela Hamilton:  I am  a Nevada Import.  I am currently in my fifth year in Sparks, Nevada.  I was born and raised in New Mexico, went to Arizona to go to college and remained there until I moved to Sparks.  I’ve spent my entire life in the desert, both hating and loving it.

My art education is a hodge-podge of elective classes while pursuing a B.A. in elementary education, museum classes in the summers when not teaching, and painting, always painting.

Once I realized I would never be happy doing anything that wasn’t directly related to art, I immersed myself in it.  I read art history, books on technique, visited galleries and museums, joined organizations and entered juried competitions.  At one point I even had an art center.

My art has gone through many phases because I am a curious, experimental personality.  “Scribbling” on paper or canvas with a ballpoint pen creates the images you see in this gallery.  As I work, a sort of meditative state occurs.  The images that develop  are a product of my personal/intellectual history.  When I feel finished, I am often amazed that what has happened on the canvas reflects something from inside me such as principal of quantum physics that I studied years ago, or it may have become an image that reflects my sense of humor.

I truly enjoy creating non-objective art and seeing the reaction of the viewer as they try to discover something to which they can relate.  Each viewer sees something different and I like presenting the opportunity to relate beyond immediate reality.


  1. Vincent

    I think it was fantastic, anything else up your sleeve now?

  2. Tanya

    Interesting work, are you represented in any art galleries or e galleries

  3. Corrina

    wow very attractive sharing. thanks for this.

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