Aug 16

Catalina Magic

Catalina Magic is a closeup magic show that blends well in any event or occasion.  Magician artist Chris Magic is a nonstop crowd pleasing professional who operates differently than most by engaging his audience with the in’s and out’s of his performance.  Join us for a Q&A with Chris to learn more about his work.

(I.M) Chris I have to start with a typical question, how did you get involved as a magician?

(C.M) Well, I grew up on Catalina Island where our #1 industry is tourism, and as a kid not only did I find magic intriguing, but it was also a way of making an extra buck during the summer to go spend at the local arcade. I began my practice around 12 years old.

(I.M) Does your line of work require any special classes or degrees?

(C.M) I don’t think officially you need a degree to call yourself a practicing magician. However, I am a current member of the IBM(International Brotherhood of Magicians) and SAM(Society of American Magicians)

(I.M) As an artist your sets are designed to fit most occasions and age groups, who is more receptive, children or adults?

(C.M) Magic of course is for all ages but my style is curved more towards adults and corporation type parties. I use less props and gadgets, and use more sleight of hand, and misdirection which makes the show more geared for a more attentive audience. (I fool intelligent people)

(I.M) One of the key elements of your work is that you draw your audience in by telling them how your going to trick them, and then doing it.  How do you do this with everyone focusing and waiting to catch you in the act?

(C.M) I find the easiest people to fool are attentive people. I don’t fool the obvious, I fool the watchers (scanners). You see, if you follow directions well, you’ll follow misdirection as well, which means the more I fool you, the smarter you are!

(I.M) Have you ever been caught by an audience member?

(C.M) I get caught all the time… They just don’t know they caught me. A large portion of closup magic involves improv. Because it’s interactive the show changes and evolves.  Sometimes messing up is only one step away from creating a more dramatic finish..

(I.M) Do you travel often with your performances, and if so what are some of your favorite venues or locations?

(C.M) Because I currently have a contract here in Phoenix, AZ, I do most of my stuff in Arizona. However, I’ve done giggs throughout Vegas, and California.  I’ve done magic as far south as Argentina but my favorite place is to go back home to Catalina Island, and amaze all my friends I grew up with..

(I.M) What types of events/occasions do you feel your work is best enjoyed?

(C.M) I can do all sorts of venues. In Az I mostly do Corporate events, and company parties but birthdays and weddings always seem to have something magical about them. In my free time you can find me doing magic in the clubs, but I’ll always break out a deck of cards just about anywhere just to make someones day.

For general questions or booking info please visit CatalinaMagic.com


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  1. Kendall

    I watched the video 3 times and I still can’t figure out how he’s doing it

  2. Erin

    I think I see a switch of one card in the video, but the second I cannot account for

  3. Len Heister

    Really enjoyed this blog article.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  4. Robert

    I discovered answers to questions I never even believed to ask myself. Thank you for your wonderful web-site!

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