Sep 15

Educating Autism The Reality Show

Educating Autism is a reality based program that focuses on the day to day functions and challenges of the internal staff at a private school in the state of Arizona.  Join us for an interview with program creator Jerry Barrett.

(I.M)  Jerry, where did you come up with the concept of Educating Autism?

(J.B)  It’s kind of a long story, but I did a trailer for a family affected by autism a few years back and upon completion of the contract my client introduced me to her friend who operated her own private day school for autistic children-it went from there.

(I.M)  What are some of the key elements of the school, or topic that gained your interest?

(J.B) “Everything”.  For me the school where I film at ASCEND (Autism Spectrum Center for Educational and Neurological Development) presented an open door to the topic.  I know there are many documentaries and video references done on autism, but a majority of them seem so dismal when compared to the triumphs, and failures faced by the educational system.  I believe schools in general care for these children, and do their best to make an impact on the children’s lives.

(I.M)  How long have you worked behind the scenes to assess the programs potential?

(J.B) Well over a year.  Trust had to be established between myself and the schools faculty, and director.  The first 4 months of preproduction was just sitting in, allowing the kids and paraprofessionals to become used to my presence.  Being inside the classroom is very delicate, the last thing you want to do is disrupt the class.

(I.M)  Does any of the footage used in the trailer derive from an episode of Educating Autism?

(J.B) Not really, some may be used as an opening sequence but the trailer is all b roll.

(I.M)  Have you worked on other programs prior to Educating Autism?

(J.B) No.  My montage is primarily music videos, shorts, trailers, weddings and even commercials.

(I.M)  Do you have any plans for distribution with Educating Autism?

(J.B) I can’t afford to loose energy cutting deals with the major networks, so to stay focused I will run it online at www.EducatingAutism.com. I feel that if anyone finds the project to be of value, they will let it be known sooner or later.


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  1. Dana

    Wow this seems exciting!

  2. Allen Green

    Hi, sorry for enquiring this enquiry here, but I have a grandson who is also mildly autistic. Will your web program cover children like him?

  3. Edison Davaz

    I enjoy your blog and all your updates. Thanks so very much for making it free of charge.

  4. Pamela

    Morning webmaster. Can I link to this article back on my website? Thanks if you could reply!

  5. Admin

    Pamela, Please feel free to link to this article.


  6. Karleen Auala

    I am excited someone is finally delving into the topic!

  7. Trent

    I gota say, I liked your post… My nephew was diagnosed with mild autism last year. I will follow the autism site from now on!

  8. Markus Yorgey

    Hi! Is it ok to use these information in my project? thanks!

  9. Neil

    Hi! Is it ok to use these information in my prject? thanks!

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