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Behind The Mask with Douglas Tait

Douglas Tait is a professional actor from The San Fernando Valley, who has appeared on your big screen many times throughout his busy career, and has done so as an actor from  “Behind The Mask”.  Join us for an interview with Douglas to learn what it takes to play so many roles.

(I.M)  Douglas, you have appeared in numerous movies such as 2009’s release of  Star Trek, 2003’s Freddy Vs. Jason, to t.v shows like Heroes, and My Name Is Earl.  How long have you worked as an actor, and how did you get involved?

(D.T)  Well, I started doing extra work in high school. I knew I wanted to perform, but was clueless about how to make it into a career. I got a job at Universal Studios playing Frankenstein and performing in shows, then got a manager right out of High school.

I was an All Star basketball player so she sent me on basketball commercials, which quickly got me in to S.A.G., and I made a living doing basketball commercials in the early years while I was honing my acting skills. I have been in the business for 15 years, but have only started working consistently for the past 2 years.

(I.M)  Among the diverse roles you’ve played, you also appeared in an episode of the hit t.v show Heroes, what was your role?

(D.T)  I played a Homeland Security Agent in an episode of Heroes.  Unfortunately with T.V., they shoot a lot more than they use and a lot of my scenes were cut out, but it was a great experience. http://heroeswiki.com/Douglas_Tait

(I.M)  When working behind the mask, what characters makeup took the longest to apply, and how long was the process?

The longest makeup to apply was The Long Face Alien character I played in Star Trek. It started at around 4 hours because there were so many appliances to glue on. Eventually the makeup artists got it down to 3 hours. Barney Burman won an Academy Award for creating that character.

(I.M)  What qualifications or certifications are required, or preferred by casters, and directors of major media entertainment for work like yours?

(D.T)  Well, I think it is a combination of a lot of different things. I have been performing behind makeup since my early days at Universal Studios, so I have been doing it a long time and people know me for that. I am tall, 6’5″, and I physically train really hard to be able to make Creature like movements seem natural. I really enjoy acting behind makeup and prosthetics, it is very different from the other kind of acting.

(I.M)  Douglas you also work in independent films, do you write or produce any of the material?

(D.T  I do not like to write, but I have started to produce in the last couple of years. I plan on doing more producing and currently have a few projects I want to get off the ground with my producing partners Isabel Cueva, and Chris Cashman.

(I.M)  What types of projects are you currently involved with?

(D.T)  Well, I have a Feature Film that I am in negotiations with, and I play a recurring character on the Disney show “Pair Of Kings“, which just got picked up for 30 episodes.

(I.M)  Are there any resources or websites you would recommend to aspiring actors, that could benefit their research of understanding the operating guidelines of the entertainment industry?

(D.T)  When I was starting out I read Backstage West religiously. It has inspiring articles on actors who struggle and make it, breakdowns to submit for projects, and everything pertaining to the life of an actor. Definitely pick up a copy if you are an aspiring actor.

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