Apr 01

God is Color

GodIsColorBrian Forrest works in many mediums: plein aire painting, computer graphics, theatre, digital music, film, and video.

Born in Canada and bred in the U.S., a dual citizen who attended the University of British Columbia in communication arts. Brian also studied digital media in art and design at Bellevue Community College, receiving degrees in Web Multimedia Authoring and Digital Video Production. GodIsColor1

During a 3 year intensive Reichian Therapy program, with Seattle Therapist Mitch Singer, Brian’s creativity was super charged thrusting him into the world of art. He studied painting with Emmett P. McLaughlin, watercolor with Sandy Haight, and anatomy drawing with Amanda Shaffer. Influenced by the works of California artists Selden Connor Gile, Terry St. John and Judy Molyneux,

Brian’s colorful works hover between abstraction and impressionism. GodIsColor2

Website: www.brianforrest-art.blogspot.com

Email: bforrestnet@yahoo.com

Tel: 425.223.6269GodIsColor3

Lucidity makes a come back with Brian Forrest.  I have to admit, I was shocked when he submitted his works to inkless magazine, this is another artist I can be proud to have crossed paths with.

I have read his articles and visited his blog and, found that this man has 30’ roots when it comes to translating a need for passion,compassion and even a breath of air.

GodIsColor4I urge all of you to follow the link to his blog, just for starters- there are some beautiful pieces waiting to be seen.  For those of you in the Washington area you may be happy to know that,

From March 12th until April 9th, five of Brian Forrest’s paintings will be on display at the Blaubak Gallery in Kirkland, WA, as part of the City of Kirkland’s Public Art Walk. On Thursdays, from 7:pm to 9:pm, art lovers may stroll the streets of Kirkland in search of art and crafts on display.

GodIsColor5Thank You Mr. Forrest for your submission, We appreciate your work!!

Inkless Magazine.


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  1. Mursel

    I like your works Brian, do you sell gliclee copies ?

  2. Jerry Barrett

    You would need to contact the artist directly for such questions.
    His contact info is on the page above.

    Jerry Barrett

    Inkless Magazine.

  3. Kathern Plenskofski

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