Aug 03


Submitted by Roxanne Alvarado

We go far beyond flesh and bone, we aren’t only human.  We can help what we do and say to others, we are not possessed; we just act stupid on our own.

We can make a difference; we can change on our own.  We can save the world if we try.  We are spirits; we always have been and always will be, spirits.

We cry, tears do come from our eyes, but it’s the spirit that feels the sorrow.  Our flesh bleeds, but it’s the spirit that feels the pain.

Our ears pass sound waves to our brains, but it’s the spirit that understands.  Our hearts pump blood through our veins, but it’s really the spirit that bleeds.

Our hands touch, yet it’s our spirits that connect.  We are spirits, our bodies are like shells; our body gives us gender, race and dysfunctions, and although some of us can’t use our bodies as others can, our spirit can still comprehend.

Our bodies are like prison cells on earth, and once the key unlocks our spirits, we love, cry, understand, and connect without them.  Our spirits are us, that is what we really are.  But through one another, in one another, we are all one.  We are part of god, we are His mirror and he reflects in us.

What inspired me….

When I am speaking to somebody, I don’t acknowledge them like most do.  I don’t concentrate on the way their teeth are shaped, I don’t laugh in my mind about how big they are or stare at their compection because I don’t see that.  With me, that’s not acknowledged because when it comes to people, it’s deeper then that, because I know that’s not what matters but, that what’s inside does.  I see beyond your flesh and your bones, through your eyes I see the mirror to your soul.  People give off vibrations to me, people that I don’t even know.  People who’s voices we never heard yet, they speak so loud to me.

I’ll be in the car sometimes, just all to myself and star out my window and I see them walking down the sidewalk, or even in the car next to me and it’s as if I can feel what they do sometimes, their excitement and I am happy for them although I’m never sure why.  Their sadness
and depression, I feel for them.

“Spirit” was inspired to me by other spirits, alive spirits, that ball of energy we all have inside, some people think that they have to glamour themselves up in order to be a beautiful person, but in my opinion who needs to wear makeup when they’re spirit inside is so beautiful that it shines on, because beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder, and if you can’t find you’re inner beauty you’ll never be completely satisfied with the way you look on the outside because outer beauty “is only a state of mind”.

Think of somebody you love more than anything, a parent, a spouse, a grandparent, whoever that person, remember this the next time you talk to them, the things that they say and do that you adore and respect.  That’s really their spirit taking action.  The next time you see yourself in the mirror, lock your eyes with the eyes in front of you until you fully understand and acknowledge that there is a spirit inside that person and that spirit is you, and remember its your spirit that God reflects in, it can’t get any more beautiful than that.  Remember that you are special and you are loved, no spirit is to little to matter, no spirit is too small to count, no spirit is too insignificant to make a difference.


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  1. skipper

    Great job Roxie!

  2. CJ

    Roxie, you captured in a few paragraphs, both in your lyrics and in your inspiration the essence of the human spirit. The real beauty lies within, and that is what we all should be concentrating on. Thank you, for sharing.

  3. Roxanne Alvarado

    CJ, Thank You so much for your comment. I am happy that you could relate to the point. Again, Thank You and God Bless.

    Roxanne Alvarado

  4. Nancy

    Roxanne…Received your snailmail today and will respond to you in that manner, but do believe you understand the human spirit quite well. Thank you for being so accepting. Much love to you!

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