May 01

It’s Warmer Here

WarmerHereCorinna Cott from ‘Cousin Kate’

It’s Warmer Here by Cousin Kate

It can be cold sometimes
So much colder than you’ve planned it
But the fire is still throwing sparks
When occasionally it’s enough

To let go somehow
And for a moment you can feel it
But eventually you fear again
Through the torment of memories

It’s warmer here than there
I hope that you find happiness
I hope that you find love
Enough for you to laugh out loud

When the day outside
Still shows the light – it does exist
Even through the night
When the mood replaced the sun for now
I still can see the glow surrounding

It could be strength I mean
So much stronger than is wanted
But it’s out there  – close your eyes again
The touch will come from inside

It’s warmer there than there
I hope that you find happiness
I hope that you find love
Enough for you to want to live – enough for you to miss me too

When the day outside still show the light…

But when the moon is rising –  reflecting shadows of your soul
There is not much else
But this precious thought inside of me that you might believe

That the day outside still show the light…

‘It’s warmer here’ was inspired through me meeting a young woman who became my friend for a while.  When I met her she was in her mid 20’s, seemingly out going and easy to talk to, fun to be around.

But after a few months of getting to know each other and sharing stories of our past, it started to be very apparent that she was in pain and unhappy, due to her childhood and circumstances in her teenage years.

I have been blessed to be a person that has been able to hold on to my happiness inside all my life and so naturally I wanted to be there for her, wanted to help her find a way to get out of her ‘space’ of sorrow.

She had put on a façade of strength and self control  portraying a ‘if I stay tough it won’t affect me’ attitude.  But life DID affect her and made her unable to really connect to her surroundings, nor was she open or willing to see the difference a point of view could make.

After being around for almost 2 years  I had to pull away, because she started to resent me for my glass always being half full, never half empty.  If you know me you know I’m not a quitter…but sometimes the lesson lies in letting go.

I wrote this song after there was nothing left to say, after everything had been said.  This experience is many years ago, but the feeling never changed…..’I hope that you find happiness….I hope that you find love’….I hope you did.

Corinna Cott from ‘Cousin Kate’

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