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Apr 17

In Gallery Features Artist Cecilia McGuire

About Artist Cecilia McGuire… Cecilia McGuire was born and raised in Sweden and graduated from a Commercial Art College in Stockholm.  Cecilia moved to the United States and worked for Honeywell, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, where she assisted in creating the Art Department for the Computer Division. Later in life Cecilia worked for several years …

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Aug 04

Catching The Last Light

In this minisode of Into The Paint we are proud to introduce you to Caroline Linscott.  With over twenty years of working with water color painting Caroline has shared with us the meaning behind the title of her work “Catching The Last Light”. With a strong connection to her work(s), Caroline has captured many imaginations …

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Aug 03

Poetry is dead (or is it)?

Submitted by Rosemarie Dombrowski, Ph.D. The Battle between Image and Word: Why Poetry Died and How we Might Resuscitate it (one reader at a time) Poetry is dead.  Poetry is elitist.  Poetry is inaccessible, difficult, born out of sadness. Despite what the mainstream continues to claim, so many ordinary things – things we accept and …

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Apr 01

God is Color

Brian Forrest works in many mediums: plein aire painting, computer graphics, theatre, digital music, film, and video. Born in Canada and bred in the U.S., a dual citizen who attended the University of British Columbia in communication arts. Brian also studied digital media in art and design at Bellevue Community College, receiving degrees in Web …

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Mar 02

Im Alive

I have often wondered where the ideas or triggering inspirations come from that have inspired lyricists that I personally like. A song in general has multiple key elements that define any sense of radiation, taking in to account each instrument, a guitar riff, bass line or even percussion. One element I want to focus on …

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