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Dec 25

The Blank Canvas Award ®

Closing out 2009 I as an editor for Inkless Magazine wanted to do something special, to rededicate to the idea that Inkless Magazine was created to support the arts and entertainment communities. Due to economic changes, federal cuts, and downsized grants, it is obvious to all of us that art itself was the first to …

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Nov 21

Into The Paint with Phil Alain.

Welcome to Into The Paint with Phil Alain of the Mural Mosaic.  Phil Alain is one of the co-founders of the Mural Mosaic team, which has quickly become an internationally known phenomenon.  Join us for a one on one interview to find out how one small team has created something special for several communities. (I.M) …

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Sep 28

Into The Paint, The Outreach.

Welcome to the next article of Into The Paint.  Originally Into The Paint was a short (mini film) that focused on the conception or “genesis” of painted works.  When this project started out in March of 2009 (the launch of this e-magazine) I had no clue that in seven months time this e-magazine would be …

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Sep 21

Into The Paint with Paul VerBurg.

Welcome back for our next installment of Into The Paint here on Inkless Magazine.com. In this video episode we are proud to introduce you to multi talented artist Paul VerBurg. Paul has been working in the art field for over thirty years and in this video you will get to to see some of Paul’s …

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Aug 04

Catching The Last Light

In this minisode of Into The Paint we are proud to introduce you to Caroline Linscott.  With over twenty years of working with water color painting Caroline has shared with us the meaning behind the title of her work “Catching The Last Light”. With a strong connection to her work(s), Caroline has captured many imaginations …

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Jul 03

The Watcher

Cyrus Mejia could be one of the busiest individuals I have ever met.  As an animal rights advocate, Cyrus has donated a larger portion of his life to the Best Friends Animal Society located in Kanab, Utah. Some of the interesting facts revolving around Cyrus Majia is that he is one of the original co-founders …

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