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Apr 02

First Flight: The Documentary

First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story A film by Noriko & Don Carroll One of nature’s smallest birds, a Black-chinned Hummingbird, built her nest on a backyard clothesline in Las Vegas, Nevada. The clothesline belonged to a team of documentary filmmakers, Noriko and Don Carroll, authors of the highly acclaimed book, First Flight: A Mother …

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Dec 08

The Brothers Warner

The Brothers Warner is the true documentary story of the founding years of Warner Bros pictures and distribution.  Founded on extreme humble beginnings by brothers Harry, Jack, Abe and Sam, Warner Bros has played a significant role in supporting The American Dream. Join us in this exclusive interview with Cass Warner to know more about …

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Apr 01

The 2009 Sedona Film Festival

Lights,Camera,Action.  The Sedona Film Festival is northern Arizona’s finest environment to see what is new in the independent film industry.  From documentaries to full length action packed films and, debuting this year is a scifi  film titled Shadowland.  Inkless Magazine was happy to spend time at the 16th annual 2009 event held at the Harkins …

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