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Mar 10

Inkless Magazine Obtains Award

March 3, 2010 marked the one year anniversary of InklessMagazine.com.  To my surprise, in my anniversary month, the e-mag was awarded a “Gold Certification By The Earth Savers League for the active contribution’s to the conscience of tomorrow’s planet – by going inkless.  I must admit that with all of the great organizations working to …

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Aug 04

Catching The Last Light

In this minisode of Into The Paint we are proud to introduce you to Caroline Linscott.  With over twenty years of working with water color painting Caroline has shared with us the meaning behind the title of her work “Catching The Last Light”. With a strong connection to her work(s), Caroline has captured many imaginations …

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May 02

The Traveling Poet

The Traveling Poet is a concept that was created when a man with a love for poetry decided to let go of everything he ever knew. Convinced that words can change the world, he will grab a camera and hit the road to shoot a documentary that has never been done before.  The Traveling Poet …

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May 01

It’s Warmer Here

Corinna Cott from ‘Cousin Kate’ It’s Warmer Here by Cousin Kate It can be cold sometimes So much colder than you’ve planned it But the fire is still throwing sparks When occasionally it’s enough To let go somehow And for a moment you can feel it But eventually you fear again Through the torment of …

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Apr 01


At first thought, I felt I was at a loss for words when I filmed Susan’s performance at the Grayleaf Galleria.  I suppose I was caught off guard by the quietly spoken individual who waited patiently for her turn to perform the night I filmed the coming video. Right up to the moment I clipped …

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Mar 03

What is art?

Some say art is a color, a scent, a thought, or an expression.  Some would say life itself, is art if you look at it through the right perspective.  A great story has endless possibilities that sheds like light from the rising sun to embrace ones’ imagination.  To support this claim I bring forth the …

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